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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

[buzz Korea] #ibuzz #ibuzzkorea My Impression on the Korean Culture

[buzz Korea] Whenever I hear the word Korea, one thing comes into my mind – “Hallyu” . Korean dramas, K-pop music , and K-pop dance to name a few. It has impacted a deep impression on me and has strongly influenced me to explore  more of Korea’s historical and modern beauty. I consider myself a starter …

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2012 Buzz Korea Awards

I just saw this event today at the Buzz Korea Website. This is awesome!!! A few weeks ago, Korea Tourism Organization and Korean Air had this “Asian On Air Program” offering a free trip to Korea. Now it’s Buzz Korea’s turn to offer a free trip to Korea, too! Isn’t this exciting! ^^ Because of Visit …

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S.E.O.U.L is What I Will Do in Korea

[PHILIPPINES] KOREA, the Land of Morning Calm, is of wave upon wave of blue mountains, their peaks rising through the mist. Almost all of my friends and classmates in the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines have been going in and out of Korea for stalking their favorite stars, attending fan meetings, concerts or just for …

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