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[buzz Korea] #ibuzz #ibuzzkorea My Impression on the Korean Culture

[buzz Korea] Whenever I hear the word Korea, one thing comes into my mind – “Hallyu” . Korean dramas, K-pop music , and K-pop dance to name a few. It has impacted a deep impression on me and has strongly influenced me to explore  more of Korea’s historical and modern beauty.

I consider myself a starter when it comes to the so-called Hallyu or ” Korean Wave”.  My passion and affection for korean dramas  began after watching Baker King Kim Tak Gu 제빵왕 김탁구   and Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 which makes me idolize korean actors & actresses like Lee Min Ho이민,  Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 and Koo Hye Sun 구혜선. Just like the korean fans , I read articles about them and patronize their upcoming dramas and product endorsements.

Baker King Kim Tak Gu

Stories of korean dramas are well made which makes me anticipate the next story and not to miss a single episode.  I developed the habit of watching a 16-episode korean drama in just one or two sitting. I call it my “drama watching marathon”. I have been researching from the internet all the previous and recommended dramas to watch reading each synopsis.

Boys Over Flowers

Developing the habit of constantly watching Korean dramas, I can easily relate to the rags to riches stories of these narratives. Bowing which shows respect and humility is one korean act that also impresses me. I highly appreciate the epic dramas showing the royalties of Korea in which they describe the ancient way of making food, medicine, as well as their customs and traditions during those era. I also noticed that some stories still depicts old family traditions even in the modern times. Most korean dramas have unique storylines and  combining them with heart touching music makes the drama a perfect package.

Korean Dramas

The widely acclaimed K-pop has been the primary tool of Korea’s popularity when it comes to music entertainment. It’s music has captured the heart of the youth and even the elders because every artists has been trained enough to show off their singing and dancing skills. Korean pop has put an impression of winning the hearts of Filipinos through their well crafted talents.

KPop Artists

When Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines opened its doors to the public offering different kinds of programs, I immediately took the chance of enrolling to its language class to further enhance and familiarize myself with the korean culture. My perception of the korean culture has widened and more opportunities came to me by actively participating in the events. To experience more of the traditional culture in its actual way aside from just reading it on the book, I enrolled in the Danso class and Samulnori class. This makes me appreciate more of Korea’s traditional instruments and music.

Samulnori Class at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines

I guess the next Korean Hallyu will be Hansik or the Korean Cuisine. Because of its unique taste, color and healthy ingredients, korean food became immensely popular here in the Philippines. Korean restaurants have blossomed here and there building a small culinary community . My friends and teachers in the language class encouraged me to taste  korean food. They let me tried the common and popular dishes such as Samgyeopsal 삼겹살, Bulgogi 불고기, Twigim튀김  and Bibimbap 비빔밥. What makes korean food different from other cuisine is that they are considered as healthy using natural and colourful  ingredients and low in calories.

Korean Food

Now that there is the proliferation of korean brands nationwide, I can say I’m now hooked on the korean phenomena. A simple enjoyment of dramas and music has been converted into a strong preference for Korean products as well as its lifestyle. From cars to gadgets, to food & cosmetics , they became well-known and remarkably patronized by everyone. They are high quality , competitive  and well marketed.

The “Korean Wave” is  now an integral part of Korea’s national image. It seduces the public by combining the enticing image of modern western culture with the right amount of Asian sentimentality.  This fusion has become one of the foundations of Korea’s success and popularity which will continue as long as they will keep on exploring the needs of the modern society.


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